Neither too large, nor too little, but just right!

Neither too large,


nor too little,


but just right!


ETE is a super easy & smart plate that helps you eat balanced meals so that you stay fit & healthy.

Wanna lose weight? Stay healthy? Eat the portions you need!


How to plate your proteins, vegetables and starch?


Mixed Meal

How about a tofu and vegetable stir fry? Great choice. Place your stir fry between the blue lines, your rice/noodles between the yellow, and some extra salad between the orange lines.


Separated Meal

Fancy steak and chips for dinner? Sure thing. ETE’s colored lines guide you into serving just the right amount of vegetables green) and protein (red), along with your recommended portion of starch (yellow) for your meal.


Diverse healthy meals

The ETE plate offers you endless possibilities to eat diverse and healthy meals!


Always an empty spot

... so that you can still shuffle your food on your plate.


Scientifically proven!


Study shows how users of the ETE plate increased their vegetable intake and reduced their starch intake. The results are published in the Journal of Nutritional Science by the Cambridge University Press.  

While portion control plates have been made before, the new design is arguably better looking.
— FastCo Exist
A plate that shows, in a simple graphic, how to eat a balanced meal.
— FastCompany 
Surprisingly simple design that almost makes you want to hit your head and ask yourself why you didn’t think of it first.
— Lifehack
Portion sizes and calorie counts are too confusing sometimes. That’s where ETE comes in. It’s a smart plate that helps you determine how much of your meal should be taken up by veggies, meat and grains.
— Brit + Co

Nutrition Guidelines

Designed based on US, UK & EU nutritional guidelines, ETE can be used for a meal made up of protein, vegetables and starch.

The amount of food to place on the ETE plate fits in a diet of 2000 calories a day. 
For each food group ETE plate gives a recommendation for the average daily intake. The plate size and portion size is based upon food portions of: 150-200 gram of starchy foods (whole grains, potatoes and wholegrain pasta), 200 gram of vegetable or legumes and 100-125 gram of beans, pulses, tofu (processed soy products), nuts & seeds, eggs, fish and poultry. 
Depending on your calorie needs (depending on your physical activity level, age and gender) you may need less or more food on your plate. However, the proportion between the food groups remains the same. 

The ETE plate is based upon Dutch nutrition guidelines for adults and is compatible with the UK guidelines, the US guidelines and the Singaporean guidelines. Please visit our FAQ if you have additional questions. 

Note: Individuals with specific dietary requirements or existing medical conditions are advised to check with their healthcare providers on whether the ETE plate meets their dietary requirements.